• Brother, am sorry for embarrassing into your domain, but allow me to introduce myself. I'm Ms Thana Waddah 23yrs lady from Syria, I felt on you by God's direction. I wish we can start from here.
    Please, for better presentation kindly contact me direct through my private email - wadtanas-yria@hotmail.com

  • Saha 3aidek , Sorry I'm late !

    • saha aidek you too ^^ I should have been the first one to say that but I haven't connected in the aid period so I forgot to send my friends after it lolz

  • Thank you soo much for your present ** ! ♥

    • you're welcome :3

  • I'm trying, i'm trying xD

    • keep on trying and never give up :3

  • But you know that: i'm too lazy xD

    • so you better be more active XD